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Self-Leadership Coaching


ETHOS Coaching provides you with a guided course and one-on-one

coaching that will equip you to discover who you are, what you want,

where you are headed, and who you want to be when you get there.

The depth of soul searching you will do will unlock truths about yourself

you must know to lead yourself well. In the same way that you cannot

lead someone you do not fully understand; you cannot lead yourself

well if you don't know yourself well. 

Here are examples of outcomes you should expect as a result of our

6-month coaching journey together:

  • Keys to leading your life well

  • Realize a deeper self-awareness

  • Become more emotionally agile

  • Establish your personal vision statement

  • Determine your set of values and how to embody those as virtues

  • Discover your life purpose or why you do what you do every day

  • Build a legacy you can be proud of

  • Commit to a life marked by stewardship 

  • Pick your self-leadership squad

  • Realize greater harmony with yourself

  • Embrace a holistic self-leadership way of life

  • Transcend your current realities


With all of these transformative life experiences, you should expect to:

  • Experience freedom from past barriers 

  • Obtain an elevated level of present happiness

  • Achieve future success you previously felt unattainable 

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Let’s Work Together

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