Inspire Your Audience With Purpose-Driven Presentations
2022 Keynote
Bring Your Soul To Work
Today's workforce seeks work that gives them a sense of purpose. But how do we discover our “Why” or higher purpose? Having discovered our purpose, how can we honor it through a purposeful, human work experience? By bringing our soul to work, we align our what with our why every day.

On most days, what we have to get done (the whirlwind) overshadows why we do it in the first place. Lack of happiness & motivation can cause feelings of emptiness. So how can our leadership spark the change we want to see in the world? When we bring our soul to work, we align our passion and contribution for a more positive, fulfilling workplace and world.

Topics: Employee Engagement, Purpose-Driven Work, Social Responsibility, Leadership With Heart, People-Centric Workplace, Culture Change, Building Culture, Culture of Good


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